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Patient Testimonials

"I have had back pain of various intensities for over 30 years. I have been on pain meds, relaxants, and had cortisone shots. Even physical therapy didn't help. I believe because of the original pain I favored the one side of my spine. It just kept getting more and more out of alignments. Chiropractic has strengthened and aligned my body. Now no more pain. I only wish I was in her care years ago" CB

"I started going to the chiropractor when I became pregnant and continued for all 3 pregnancies. All three labors were a piece of cake and I believe it all had to do with getting adjusted. My last baby was born within minutes. I think chiropractic care is essential in feeling good all around. Dr. Valenti is very knowledgeable and excellent at what she does". AD

"I came to Dr. Valenti for chronic headaches and sinus infections that never went away. The headaches were constant and prevented me from getting out of bed on some occasions. After regular care my headaches are rare and if I do get one Dr. Valenti adjusts me and the pain is relieved within minutes. I haven't been on antibiotics for over a year! I feel like a new person and my quality of life is now amazing."CR

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